Corsair Hydro Series H80 Liquid CPU Cooler Review

Author: AkG
Date: September 29, 2011
Product Name: H80
Part Number: CWCH80
Warranty: 5 Years
Purchase at NCIX: | UK
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In every way imaginable the Corsair H80 deserves its “High Performance” moniker. No matter what the heat load this sumo sized – yet still only single bay form factor – all in one water cooling solution simply performed flawlessly. But then again, we expected nothing less from Corsair since through their partnership with CoolIT; they seem to have the design of closed loop water coolers down to a precise science.

The predominant reason for the H80’s performance is its extra thick radiator which can handle massive heat loads. Naturally, the new water block design along two high performance fans also contribute towards those impressive results and from where we stand certain custom water cooling loops may have a tough time beating this pre-built device. Adding to the H80’s appeal is an installation process which is deceptively easy and won’t pose any problems for someone building their first system.

While Corsair’s design for the H80 makes it an excellent competitor in the high end CPU cooling department, it is also quite versatile. Due to its onboard fan controller, this is one of a select few heatsinks that can adapt to a wide variety of heat loads at the touch of a button. Planning on overclocking your CPU? Crank up the fans but be prepared for slightly louder experience. On the flip side of that coin, Corsair’s Balanced and Silent profiles still provide enough cooling performance for some overclocking but won’t put a strain on one’s ears. Unfortunately, unless buying a $99 Corsair Link controller and its associated software sounds appealing, you’ll have to pop the side panel every time you want to change the fan speed.

The only thing which keeps this from being the absolute best device for all consumers is the fact that it is a bit pricey. Thus while it is an extremely good deal for the amount of cooling and versatility being offered, the H80 is simply going to be out of reach of some consumers. But if the asking price of around $90 is within your reach, this device is sure to satisfy and can be considered a great purchase.


- Great stock cooling performance
- Can adapt to numerous situations
- 3 cooling profiles built into the water block
- Built in fan controller which can accept PWM capable fans
- Comes with two high performance fans
- Very easy installation
- Almost no compatibility issues


- Need physical access to water block to change cooling modes
- Price
- At full speed the fans are rather loud


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