Coolink Silentator CPU Cooler Review

by AkG     |     March 5, 2008

Coolink Silentator CPU Cooler Review

Manufacturer Product Page: Coolink - the cooler manufacturer
North American Availability: Soon
Price: $45 MSRP
Warranty Length: 3 years

Just like people have different concerns, needs, wants & desires so do different market niches. Not everyone who is interested in a quieter computer wants to go the water cooling route. For many people they just want a simple, easy setup with little to no maintenance required that makes their computer quiet enough but offers good performance. To many people this means a foray into the fairly intimidating Silent PC arena where marketing buzz words swarm like gadflys. Speaking as an old, old convert to the Church of the Quiet PC I can tell you this: once you head down this path it leads to a lifetime of frustration where “silent” takes on a whole new meaning & “quiet” is never quiet enough!

To satisfy this niche’s rising demands, many relatively unknown companies are now offering low noise CPU cooling solutions. While these companies may not be as well known as Thermaltake, Thermalright or Zalman, they have been working quietly behind the scenes producing many of the products that end up wearing more well known names. One such company is Kolink. Kolink is a cooling specialist that has been making cooling solutions since 1996 and is well known to many industry insiders. It is one thing to say that they have been working behind the scenes since the mid 90’s but its another thing to be able to say that they are the ones who Noctua went to when they needed a factory to build their Ultra-Low-Noise coolers. It wasn’t until 2005 that Kolink decided to branch out and market their own products under their own name. To this end they created Coolink to market their wares in Europe and their stated purpose sums it up nicely when they say “Coolink…. stands for an effective conjunction of no-frills performance, excellent quality and attractive pricing. Coolink - the direct link to affordable high-end cooling!” After a successful European launch, they have now set their sights on the North American marketplace.

Today we will be looking at Coolink’s Silentator CPU cooler. Coolink states that “The Silentator's mission is simple: to cool - and to do it silently!”. Is it building off the well known term “Terminator”? Yes it is, but then again it did wonders for Arnie when he became the “Governator” so why not a “noise terminator”? Since Coolink readily admits that the Silentator is built on the basis of the Nocuta’s NH-U12F, is this just an OEM version of it or is it something all together different? More importantly, is this truly a quiet cooler or is the name “Silentator” just marketing hot air?


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