Patriot Viper 2x1GB DDR3 PC3-15000 Review

by 3oh6     |     February 8, 2008

Patriot Viper 2x1GB DDR3 PC3-15000 Review

Price: $499.99 CND NCIX.com
Availability: Available and regularly stocked
Manufacturer's Part Number: PVS32G1866LLK
Warranty: Lifetime Warranty

Patriot Memory is a long standing company having been founded in 1985 and is actually a branch of PDP Systems Inc.. PDP is a JEDEC member and worldwide contract manufacturer for OEM and private labels. This means they manufacturer products and put other company’s names on them. In a sense, Patriot memory is just another one of their customers who sells PDP products through retail distribution chains under the Patriot logo. PDP Systems just happens to own Patriot memory and is located and run out of the same Fremont California location.

Patriot memory focuses on three main user groups with products for the enthusiast, standard memory user, and the flash memory market. The global distribution network of Patriot products ensures a wide range of availability throughout their product line all over the world. In Canada, Patriot availability seems to be limited to the two main distributors NCIX.com and TigerDirect.ca but can also be found at smaller locations like Canada Computers for certain items.. At the same time, Patriot Memory products are available all over the United States including all the major players like Newegg.com, MWave.com, ClubIT.com and so many more. One particularly easy to find kit of memory in both countries happens to be today's star of the show, the Patriot Viper Extreme PC3-15000 2x1GB kit.

This kit of Viper Extreme memory from Patriot is rated at an industry leading DDR3-1866 or 933MHz at timings of 8-8-8-24 with only 1.9v. When we first heard of the possibility of these specifications we thought it sounded like Patriot may have gone a little far with their expectations but the memory is available and here today for us to look at. With such high rated operating frequency, this memory doesn't leave anything back and it should be pretty interesting to see how these modules shake down.


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