Cooler Master Storm Sirus 5.1 Headset Review

Author: AkG
Date: July 18, 2011
Product Name: Storm Sirus 5.1
Warranty: 2 Years
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Initial Impressions Cont'd

The most important feature of the Storm Sirus headset is actually not the headset itself but rather the accessories which come with it. Most headsets come in one of two flavors: USB or Analog. If you have a high end sound card a USB headset does you very little good and if you’re using standard hookups, an Analog headset is not a great choice. This really does limit your future upgrade directions. However, the Sirus strides the path between these two options by implementing both Analog and USB connections.

The secret to this headset’s amazing adaptability lies in one crucial difference from many of its competitors: the connector. The Sirus itself uses neither a USB plug nor Analog connectors. It uses a 10 pin mini-DIN connector to which either the Analog adapter cable or the USB controller block can be attached. With this one simply little tweak you need not worry what a given gaming system has in the way of capabilities as you will be able to fully utilize s headset on nearly any setup. Both connectors are included within the box so there should be no worries about buying additional accessories.

We like the fact that this unit doesn’t address the USB adapter like some secondary afterthought. It is implemented within a large and well thought out base station (called the Tactical Mixing Console) which allows real time control over the output of each individual (front, rear, center, bass) channel and also the master volume as well. Since the dial and accompanying buttons are large and easy to find, increasing or decreasing channels to best fit an audio environment will quickly become second nature.

Knowing which channel you are adjusting is also made easy since the Tactical Mixing Console gives visual feedback in the form of backlit words such as “bass”, “master”, “center” and so on. With just a quick glance you instantly know which channel(s) you will be adjusting when you spin the dial. To cycle through the options, the center of the three buttons needs to be pressed while the other buttons control muting sound and the microphone.

The cables for all parts of the Storm Sirus are covered in a nice tight braid which is both durable and quite flexible.

Taken as a whole, we think that from a comfort, features and specifications point of view, Cooler Master has done a very admirable job with the Storm Sirus. Let us now turn our attention to the included software and see if they did as good a job there as was done elsewhere.

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