Corsair Graphite Series 600T Special Edition White Review

Author: Dimitry
Date: July 12, 2011
Product Name: Graphite Series 600T Special Edition White
Part Number: CC600TWM-WHT
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Before introducing their first case -the Obsidian 800D- Corsair was well known for their high quality memory, flash storage and cooling products but that soon changed. The 800D proved itself to be a worthy competitor in a cut throat full tower market and the follow-up 700D and 650D continued this tradition of excellence. However, the Obsidian series has always been geared towards enthusiasts who donít think twice about spending $200 or more on a case so something was needed for an increasingly large budget-friendly market. Thatís where the Graphite and Carbide series came into the equation.

While we havenít yet looked at any of the Carbide branded cases, the Graphite 600T is one of our all time favorite lower mid tower chassis. It offers a ton of features, plenty of space, SSD compatibility and a high end cooling design that should keep any setup running at optimal temperatures. This along with a price of under $175 has made it one of the most popular cases on the market but now Corsair has introduced a Special Edition thatís finished in a unique white and black colour scheme.

The Graphite series 600T Special Edition White (yeah, thatís a mouthful) uses the same basic design as the original and much loved Graphite cases and even includes an identical interior layout. What sets this case apart from its siblings is a white paint job thatís up to automotive standards and is applied directly over high strength aluminum rather than plastic. With a few splashes of black throughout this 600Tís exterior and a brand new interchangeable side panel, Corsair has made one good looking case with a price thatís only a few bucks more than the standard edition.


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