PowerColor HD 6850 1GB SCS3 Passive Review

Author: SKYMTL
Date: July 3, 2011
Product Name: HD 6850 1GB SCS3
Part Number: AX6850 1GB5-S3DH
Warranty: 2 years
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A Closer Look at the HD 6850 SCS3 pg.2

There is however one small issue that we saw right off the bat. The main fin array is placed at a right angle to a case’s natural airflow direction which means any fresh air will be pushed around the fins rather than through them. As you’ll see later, we highly recommend installing a side panel fan on your case if you’re using the SCS 3 as it will aid performance.

The memory modules on this card are split into two groupings: one above and one underneath the red PCB. The topmost ones have solid copper ramsinks adhered to their faces while the modules below are cooled via a thermal pad interface and the main rear mounted heatsink.

Regardless of PowerColor’s cognizance of space limitations on most motherboards, the still need as much heatsink volume as necessary. The result is a cooler that takes up a shade over three slots but believe it or not, most performance-oriented boards should be able to fit two of these cards in a Crossfire configuration.

The components hidden somewhere underneath the heatsink have been slightly upgraded over the reference design. Low ESR, long life capacitors with a high thermal tolerance have been added along with shielded fully alloy chokes but the PWM layout remains the same at 3+1 phases for the GPU and memory.

The output connector layout has been slightly changed over the reference version. The pair of DVI outputs and the full size single HDMI 1.4a (with stereo 3D certification) connector remain there but the two mini DisplayPort connectors have been replaced with a full size output. Eyefinity compatibility has been retained but you will no longer need to worry about mini-DisplayPort adaptors being needed in some situations.

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