Samsung C27A750 27” Central Station Wireless Monitor Review

Author: AkG
Date: July 4, 2011
Product Name: Central Station 27"
Part Number: C27A750X
Warranty: 1 Year
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Ladies and gents, welcome to the wonderful world of wireless communications. In what seems like a never ending cycle of cable clutter and frustration, as technology progresses so too does our insatiable need for more connections between our audio / video equipment. This has led to some standardization in the form of all-in-on interfaces like HDMI but cable clutter is still a concern for anyone attempting to set up a new PC or HDTV. It’s actually ironic that we’re talking about cable free connections in a monitor review since all previous efforts to produce a wireless display have failed in spectacular fashion. But Samsung has now integrated cutting edge high bandwidth connections into an HD-ready monitor in an effort to right past wrongs.

Upon first glance, Samsung’s brand new C27A750 looks like almost every other “designer” 27” monitor. It boasts a typical TN based panel and a few extra flourishes that allow it to stand out on retailers’ shelves. Yet the true potential of this monitor lies beneath its clean lines: it can be connected to an input source wirelessly via a special Ultra Wide Band wireless USB 2.0 dongle. This wireless ability is certainly intriguing and it will be interesting to see if the relatively narrow USB 2.0 bus offers is wide enough avenue to handle true 1920 x 1080 @ 32bit colour depths.

Meanwhile the whole “Central Station” concept revolves around the possibility of connecting this monitor to an ultra portable laptop or tablet so it can act as a primary hub for all of your input and output needs. As a primary means of accomplishing this centralized compatibility, it can be connected via HDMI, D-sub, USB 3.0 or the aforementioned wireless USB dongle. As an added bonus, the C27A750 also comes with a built in 3.5mm jack so “desktop” speakers plugged can be plugged in, a four port USB hub (two of which are USB 3.0 enabled) for additional peripherals or external drives and a LAN jack for network access. In addition, the wireless dongle can also interface with other wireless USB peripherals. This all means what could have been a straightforward monitor into an almost universal docking station which can be used for anything from wireless mice to printers.

Since the C27A750 has some powerful features built into its thin frame and boasts one of the larger panel sizes available for the PC market, it does get a bit pricy. With an asking price of about $599, it is not overpriced compared to many other 27” TN-based panels but its success or failure very much hinges upon the innovative features Samsung has added. Could this centralized approach be the future of display technology? Let’s find out.


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