Valve Portal 2 Game Review

Author: Andre Segers of GameXplain.com
Date: April 18, 2011
Product Name: Valve Portal 2
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Not simply content to release a full-length single-player campaign, Valve went the extra mile and developed a dedicated cooperative mode. Not only are the puzzles all original, complete with elements not in the single-player campaign, but you also play as two new protagonists: Atlas and P-body, who are the unfortunate subjects of GLaDOSís latest tests.

Two brains are better than one, right? To compensate, the cooperative campaign has an added emphasis on stumping you. And not only are the puzzles intentionally more devious, theyíre also made tougher by the amount of options available, due in part to each of you having a pair of portals to work with. Unlike many cooperative games, teamwork is an undeniable must. Luckily, there is little more rewarding than working together to discover the solution.

If you are embracing Valve's move to the console, Portal 2 multiplayer is playable both online or locally via split-screen, while the PC version is available online and via LAN, with both the PC and PS3 available for cross platform play via Steam.

While playing on the same TV might be preferred, due to the heavy amounts of communication involved, Valve has included several options for online players to help make up for these deficiencies, such as being able to place markers to show your partner where to plant a portal, using pre-set actions, automated count-down timer to coordinate activities, and youíll even have the option to temporarily play in split-screen in order to fully understand what your partner is doing. Impressively, despite there being twice the amount of portals, cooperative runs nearly as smooth as the single-player portion, even during a split-screen session

Besides the visuals, almost every aspect of co-op feels like a natural extension of the main story, including the fantastic humor. In fact, GLaDOS is as offensive as ever, pulling no punches when it comes to assessing you and your teammateís performance. The sharp humor actually serves as a nice mental-break between some of the more grueling challenges.

Altogether, not only has Valve followed-up the original game with a single-player of equal caliber, but they managed to do the same for the cooperative mode too. Serving as a great compliment to the main story, the cooperative mode offers about as much content, only now it can be enjoyed with a friend too. Seriously, this is one of the best designed cooperative experience Iíve played, with the amount of care having went into it apparent the entire adventure. Itís worth making at least one friend for.

The Verdict: Portal 2 Multiplayer

An outstanding cooperative experience that's well worth your while

This review was based on the Playstation 3 version of the game.

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