ASUS ML248H 24” Monitor Review

Author: AkG
Date: April 19, 2011
Product Name: ASUS ML248H 24” Monitor
Part Number: ML248H
Warranty: 3 Years
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A Closer Look at the ASUS ML248H

With its pearl white back and ultra glossy black front there is no denying this panel is meant to be as good looking when turned off and just sitting on your desk as it is when you are actually using it. This coupled with its downright waifish thickness and thin bezel does lend the Asus ML248 an air elegance which is heavy on the “less is more” minimalist end of the spectrum.

This blend of ascetics and a minimalist approach continues on to its lack of physical buttons. Judging from past experiences, we’re not fond lovers of touch based sensor “buttons” since they lack the necessary tactile feedback of more conventional units. However, in the case of the ML248H they work surprisingly well.

While there is still no tactile response from them, they are positioned far enough away from each other that accidentally pressing the wrong one is unlikely. This coupled with a fairly fast response rate to your input makes for a pretty much painless setup.

While the minimalist nature of the buttons on the front is more than adequate, the port selection on this monitor is slim at best. There is a VGA port, a single HDMI 1.3 input, a 3.5MM stereo “headphone” jack and the power port. Unfortunately, DVI, DisplayPort, a USB hub and even multi-card reader are MIA. While having only two inputs is on the low side of the spectrum, Asus includes a HDMI to DVI adapter cable making this a minor issue at best. Accessing these inputs is also extremely easy due to their positioning but the straight-style connectors do tend to detract from the overall look of the ML248H.

The dual ring stand setup may look great and is quite easy to install but it does come with a number of limitations. First of all, its inclusion and the sleek back of the ML248H means ASUS has decided to forgo the usual VESA mounting holes. This won’t be an issue for many but it limits this monitor’s adaptability in certain scenarios.

The other issue we encountered with the stand is the limited amount of adjustability it allows. The ML248H sits quite low to begin with (which may not be an issue for some people) and that dual ring stand doesn’t allow for an ounce of height adjustment. All it can do is tilt from +20° to -5° and rotate 20° to the left and right.

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