ASUS PA246Q ProArt 24” IPS Monitor Review

Author: SKYMTL
Date: April 9, 2011
Product Name: ASUS ProArt 24"
Part Number: PA246Q
Warranty: 3 Years
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When it comes to modern day PC monitors, there are basically four broad categories most monitors can fall into. The first is the hybrid unit which combines the features of a monitor and HDTV into one unit, the second is the ubiquitous “gaming monitor” and the third are the TN based entry level monitors. The final segment belongs to the professional-grade products that don’t cut any corners but carry a hefty price premium as well. This last category is where the Asus ProArt PA246Q falls into this category (hence the “Pro” in its name) but it comes with a bit of a twist: a price that doesn’t even come close to breaking the bank.

The ASUS PA246Q ProArt boasts stats that will have people drooling: a 24” 10 bit P-IPS panel with 98% coverage of the Adobe colour space (100% sRGB coverage and 102% NTSC coverage), SIX way colour adjustment (R,G,B and C,M,Y), 1920x1200 16:10 resolution, an adjustable stand, a great selection of input options, a USB hub and a 7 in 1 card reader. If that isn’t enough for you, it also comes with a mammoth 12-bit internal Look up Table and a price of about $500. In an age of inexpensive, low quality TN panels $500 may sound like a hefty amount but when you consider the features which the ProArt brings to the table, this is a veritable steal.

To us since this ASUS monitor is firmly marketed towards the professional the price is actually a secondary consideration. A professional relying on his monitor may love to have one that costs significantly less than others, but these consumers are only willing to do so if the monitor can back it up with phenomenal picture quality. After all, if your livelihood depends on colour accuracy, a price premium of a few hundred dollars won’t be considered wasted money.

Something else we should mention is that much of the enthusiast community seems fed up of the low quality of most TN-based 16:9 monitors. There has been a gradual shift of people looking for higher quality 16:10 panels so the ProArt may appeal to them as well; especially when you consider gamers want as much real estate as possible which is something a 1920 x 1080 monitor can’t achieve. So in essence, this monitor could have uses which are far removed from the “professional” side of things as well.


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