NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti Roundup: ASUS, EVGA, Gigabyte & MSI

Author: SKYMTL
Date: February 6, 2011
Product Name: NVIDIA GTX 560 Ti 1GB
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The GTX 560 Ti’s Impact upon NVIDIA’s Lineup

As NVIDIA has been releasing their 500-series, the older cards are being gradually phased out in favor of the newer, more efficient models. At the upper end of the spectrum, the GTX 580 / GTX 570 tandem effectively pushed the GTX 480 out of the market with a combination of excellent pricing and jaw dropping performance. AMD’s own Cayman XT and Cayman Pro cards caused a small upheaval but since they were aimed at the NVIDIA’s previous 400-series products, the wind remained in NVIDIA’s sails.

For the time being, the highly popular GTX 460 will be staying around but at a lower price point of slightly under $200. While it will be replaced with an upcoming sub-$200 GPU in the coming months, the GTX 460 1GB still proves itself to be an excellent go-to card against the HD 6850 so it will actually be staying around for the time being.

The GTX 560 Ti meanwhile is meant to supplant the GTX 470, outperform AMD’s HD 6870, compete with the HD 6950 1GB and compliment the GTX 460 1GB. That’s a lengthy list of expectations but the newest card in NVIDIA’s lineup has the specs to back up these lofty expectations. A surprisingly reasonable price of $250 means it drops into a perfect slot in the current market.

From a specifications standpoint, the GTX 560 Ti is literally everything that we were hoping for and then some. A fully enabled core brings along with it 384 cores and a massive 64 texture units which puts it head and shoulders above the GTX 460 1GB. Meanwhile, clock speeds have been increased past the levels of many pre-overclocked GF104 cards. All of this was done without a significant impact upon TDP values which remain a mere 10W above the neutered GTX 460.

In a direct comparison to the GTX 470 it will partially replace, the GTX 560 Ti will come out ahead in situations which demand high amounts of texture performance. However, due to its limited number of Polymorph Engines which provide the fixed function rendering stages, the GTX 560 Ti will likely suffer a bit when it comes to high level DX11 geometry processing. Even though the Ti doesn’t have the large memory bus or framebuffer size of the GTX 470, it partially makes up for these shortcomings with speedy 4Ghz GDDR5.

NVIDIA’s plans for the GTX 560 Ti are highly aggressive no matter which way you look at things. From a pricing standpoint, it offers some hefty specifications for a card that will take over a position occupied a few months ago by the HD 6870. We have been told that NVIDIA as once again been extremely conservative when determining reference clock speeds so like the GTX 460, this card could prove to be a boon for board partners as well.

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