In-Win Allure mATX Case Review

by gporgie     |     January 11, 2008

In-Win Allure mATX Case Review

Manufacturer Part #: a360
Price: About $100 USD
Availability: Now (USA)
Warranty: Unknown
Colours Available: Metallic grey, Metallic blue, Metallic green
Manufacturer Product Page: Allure

Before we begin this review, I have to thank the guest author of this review who just happens to be Misoprostol's girlfriend (with the help of Miso himself). This is a unique case that is targeted towards a niche market and having a woman review it definately gives it a different perspective. SKYMTL

Founded in 1986, In-Win Development Inc. established itself as a manufacturer of professional computer chassis and later became a producer of power supplies and digital storage devices as well. Historically In-Win has done the majority of their volume as an OEM, and this case is the spearhead of their expansion into the retail market. Even though their OEM cases have been stuck into "Dell Grey" mode for quite some time, their retail cases seem to have a bit more substinance to them.

The Allure is a huge departure from In-Winís normal style of nondescript beige/black enclosures for system builders. Even though it is based off of their standard 360 mATX chassis, they have gone to great lengths to market this case and have even built an entire web page for it. If you want to check out the Allure mini-site, you can go here. The biggest difference between the Allure and the rest of In-Winís case line-up is apparent when you first look at it. It has art work!

This leads us to the target market for the Allure. If youíre expecting this case to appeal to the hardcore gamer with flames on the sides and a skull on top, then go somewhere elseÖ unless this hardcore gamer is buying a case for his girlfriend. The Allure is aimed straight at the most womanly of computer users; the flower art work and Swarovski crystals ensure that no one else would be interested in it. Even though it is priced quite a bit above what we usually see In-Win cases retailing for. At around $100USD (we can't find anywhere in Canada which is selling it yet) it represents a step

Bearing all of this in mind, the Allure has a market, one which has been completely untapped until now. So without further ado, letís dive further in and see what sets this groundbreaking case apart from the rest.


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