CES 2011: Hands on With Corsairís New Products

Author: SKYMTL
Date: January 9, 2011
Product Name: Corsair's New Products
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Hydro Series H60 Self Contained Liquid Cooler

The Hydro series is quite well regarded and the H60 will be the first of many CoolIT-designed and manufactured self contained water cooling units in Corsairís stable. This unit is supposed to bridge the gap between the H50 and H70 but has the ability to mount two fans while sporting a single thickness radiator. As expected, the H60 will support all of the current CPU socket types along with the upcoming AM3+ platform. Compatibility with Intelís Sandy Bridge socket 2011 CPUs will likely be added through a bracket closer to that platformís launch in Q4.

Another interesting aspect of the H60 is the new cold plate that has been developed by CoolIT. It packs an amazingly dense fin array into a compact area. This should allow excellent performance from a slim water block. Naturally, this cooler is also compatible with Corsairís new Link software which we will be looking at below.

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Corsair Link Technology

Some of you may remember CoolITís monitoring software which we looked at in depth a few times. Corsair has now taken it and pushed things to the next level with a technology they are calling LINK. LINK involves the installation of a basic controller unit into your system which acts as a control hub and monitoring unit for a large number of Corsair components. Control is granted over temperature sensors, up to four fans, the newer Hydro series CPU coolers and up to four banks of LEDs. Meanwhile, it can monitor and log GPU and CPU temperatures, PSU voltages along with DRAM usage. This is basically an all-in-one ecosystem for literally every Corsair-branded device available on the market and supplies a simple yet effective GUI which should appeal to novices and enthusiasts alike.

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P3-Series SATA 3 SSDs

Along with many other manufacturers at CES 2011, Corsair was showing off their brand new SSDs which support the SATA 6 Gbps standard. Unlike OCZ, Corsair has decided to use Marvellís P2U1200 controller instead of Sandforceís SF2000-series. Not much is known about the P2U but rumor has it that it lags slightly behind the 2000 when it comes to 4K read / write ops. Weíll have a review of this in the coming weeks so stay tuned.

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