CES 2011: Kingston Showcases Next Generation of Products

Author: SKYMTL
Date: January 7, 2011
Product Name: New Kingston Products
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The name Kingston should be familiar with the vast majority of you reading this article since they have been a premier manufacturer of memory and flash-based products for as long as many can remember. Recently, they have also jumped onto the solid state drive bandwagon as well.

During this CES, Kingston is showcasing a number of upcoming and current products which mostly focus upon the quickly expanding storage market. With USB 3.0 and SATA 6 coming into the limelight, 2011 will feature a large number of devices from nearly every sector which takes advantage of these two technologies. As usual, Kingston will have these two standards completely covered but most products featuring them will only be available later this year and werenít on display. However, thatís not to say that Kingston didnít have anything interesting to show.

One of Kingstonís current focuses is to incorporate all of their upcoming enthusiast products under one general name called HXperience. This naturally includes their upcoming Sandforce-based SATA 6 drives as well as DataTraveller 3.0 flash drives and some overclocker-friendly memory modules.

Speaking of flash drives, Kingston has been rolling out the beta of a program they call URDrive. Basically, this is a simple file management program which runs on the drive and allows for easy access to all of your files. Since it incorporates its own video player and other built-in programs, it is completely OS-agnostic and can be run on any device in nothing is installed onto your system. An updated version will soon be released with yet more features, a virus scanner, media shows and the ability to support custom built applications through user generated content.

One of the more noteworthy items Kingston has been working on is a type of wireless storage device that can stream media or other files to syncíd devices. One of the best aspects of its design is that it doesnít need an existing network in order to be recognized as a drive. Rather, wireless functionality is built directly into the device so it can easily be recognized as an attached storage device by other storage-starved products like tablets, smart phones and other products that support external drives. Initial capacities should be 32GB and 64GB with larger drives available later on.

Even though this highly compact next generation wireless NAS doesnít have an official name yet, we can definitely see it having uses for a quickly expanding market.

Kingston also showcased their upcoming HyperX Genesis modules which use a new anodized grey heatsink design and will be considered a limited edition product. There will be two 4GB kits available for P67 boards: one operating at 2133Mhz at CL9 and another at 1600Mhz CL9. They will be priced at $149 and $70 respectively and support XMP technology as well.

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