Intel Sandy Bridge Core i5-2500K & Core i7-2600K Processors Review

Author: MAC
Date: January 2, 2011
Product Name: Intel Core i5-2500K & Core i7-2600K
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System Benchmarks: HDxPRT 2010 / PCMark Vantage

HDxPRT 2010

Intel High Definition Experience and Performance Ratings Test 2010

HDxPRT 2010, otherwise known as the Intel High Definition Experience and Performance Ratings Test 2010, is a new platform evaluation tool for measuring digital media experience. HDxPRT evaluates the capabilities of a media PC using real world usage scenarios and popular media applications. The benchmark's results are illustrated in the Create HD Score, which represents the overall digital media creation performance of a test system.

HDxPRT 2009 workloads are based on usages performed with popular programs, like Adobe Flash Player 10.1, Adobe Photoshop Elements 8.0, Apple iTunes 9.x, Cyberlink PowerDVD 9, DivX Pro Codec 6.8.5, HDRsoft Photomatix 3, HDR PhotoStudio 2.x, and Windows Media Player 11.

PCMark Vantage x64

PCMark Vantage Advanced 64-bit Edition (
PCMark Suite / Default Settings
Comparison: Generated Score

The main focus of our General Tasks category lies with the most recent installment of the PCMark series, Vantage. While still classified under the description of a Synthetic benchmark, PCMark Vantage uses many of Vista's (Note - Vantage is Vista-only) built-in programs and features along with its own tests, so it is "real-world" applicable in regards to CPU performance. The following is a general list of the tests in the PCMark suite, very much in line with tasks of an average user: Data encryption, Data compression, CPU image manipulation (compression/decompression/resize), Audio transcoding, Video transcoding, Text editing, Web page rendering, Windows Mail, Windows Contacts, and CPU game test.


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