Hiper Type-M 800W Power Supply Review

by Michael "SKYMTL" Hoenig     |     January 6, 2008

Hiper Type-M 880W Power Supply Review

Product Number: HPU-4M880-PS
Price: $180-$200CAD
Fan: 1x 140mm
Warranty: 3-Year
Availability: Now
Manufacturer Product Page: Products - Power - HPU-4M880

Hiper isnít a very well known company in North America and especially here in Canada since they have mainly focused on the European market for the past few years. However, they have recently started an aggressive expansion into the domestic market with the release of several extremely interesting products. The last time we looked at a product from Hiper, it was their amazingly sexy Anubis case that we fawned over. Not only was it unique but it still remains the best case I have had in my hands. However, this review will be taking a bit different route since it will rotate around their new Type-M 880W power supply.

Aside from being the highest wattage power supply I have tested to date, this is also the first Hiper power supply I have had the pleasure of reviewing. To tell you the truth, my expectations are quite high since this power supply is made by CWT which is the same company which built some of the better performing units we have seen in the last few months. Even though Hiper hit the ground running here in North America, finding stock of their products here in Canada is a lesson in futility but things do look a bit better for our friends south of the border. That being said, the pricing here in Canada for the Type-M 880W looks to be between $180-$200 which puts it in line with other high performance power supplies like the Antec Truepower Quattro 850W.

It should also be noted that Hiper has different classes of power supplies to appeal to different consumer needs. They have the Type-R series which focuses on modular cables, the Type-S series which is their budget-oriented lineup and finally the Type-M series which are higher-end, non-modular units. Within the Type-M and Type-R series there are products with and without USB ports (yes, USB ports) directly on the power supply. Confused yet? Well to clear things up, letís just say that the Type-M 880W power supply we are reviewing here is non-modular and does not have any tacked-on USB ports.

The Hiper Type-M 880W comes with a 3-year warranty which isnít too bad but I would have liked to have seen a bit longer warranty offered. A 5-year warranty is quickly becoming necessary to keep up with the competition but if the performance of this power supply is above-average, the warranty will be something which is quickly forgotten.


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