G.Skill Ripjaws F3-16000CL9D-8GBRM 2x4GB Memory Review

Author: 3oh6
Date: January 11, 2011
Product Name: G.Skill Ripjaws PC3-16000 2x4GB
Part Number: F3-16000CL9D-8GBRM
Warranty: Lifetime
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We are starting to get a pretty good picture of what the various 2x4GB kits have to offer Intel P55 users. The G.Skill Ripjaws are the second 2x4GB kit we have looked at here at Hardware Canucks and we have to admit that we were pretty happy with what we saw. A little bit of a departure from the OCZ Flex-EX modules with their elaborate cooling solution, the Ripjaws are more subtle and simple, but not without some bite.

We are fully aware of the usefulness of a DDR3-2000 2x4GB kit when it comes to performance, but we are also aware that there is a market for such a kit. It is easier to justify purchasing a DDR3-2000 2x4GB kit when the price tag is reasonable, and at just over $150 CND, the F3-16000CL9D-8GBRM Ripjaws are just that: reasonable.

G.Skill Ripjaws

The black PCB and subtle blue aluminum heat sinks lend a very simple yet elegant aesthetic presence to this G.Skill kit, and we like the fact that we aren't paying extra for an elaborate cooling solution. Our temperature testing, while not completely exhaustive, was still able to provide enough evidence to substantiate our claims of limited benefits from memory heat sinks. Our claims were only further enhanced when we were able to run the memory at much higher temperatures than anticipated.

The combination of appropriate cooling, solid overclocking ability that spreads out over a range of timing sets, DDR3-2000 spec with only 1.55v, and a price tag that is actually quite reasonable makes the G.Skill F3-16000CL9D-8GBRM Ripjaws a very attractive 2x4GB kit of memory for Intel P55 users in our opinion. The stated reasons above also allow us to give this kit our Hardware Canucks Dam Good award.

  • Low voltage for DDR3-2000 2x4GB kit
  • Versatile timing and clocking range
  • Can operate at high temperatures
  • Heat sink won't interfere with most CPU cooling solutions
  • Simple heat sink does its job, and doesn't increase cost of kit

  • Overclocking wasn't quite equal with substantially more expensive 2x4GB kits
  • Limited availability in Canada with Newegg.ca being the only carrier we could find

Hardware Canucks Dam Good

Hardware Canucks would like to thank G.Skill for making this review possible and supplying the memory used today.


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