Samsung FX2490HD 24" LED Hybrid HDTV & Monitor Review

Author: AkG
Date: January 19, 2011
Product Name: Samsung FX2490HD
Part Number: LS24F9NSM/ZA
Warranty: 3 Years
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In today’s high tech world, people are usually able to make the distinction between monitors and high definition televisions. Unfortunately, most HDTVs are ill-suited for word processing or internet surfing stints while by their very nature PC monitors lack the features which make TVs appealing. In order to bridge the gap between these two markets. Samsung recently released their FX2490HD; a type of hybrid product that seems to incorporate the appealing aspects from both sides of the fence.

The idea of a perfect dual purpose display is certainly intriguing since it is next to impossible to find a HDTV which can properly display small lines of text. In addition, we have seen that modern HDTVs tend to feature an abundance of post-processing effects which end up increasing response times to the point were gaming becomes next to impossible. Using a monitor as a TV also brings in its own set of issues since most aren’t equipped with a built-in tuner. This may be a moot point considering the expanding array of set top satellite and cable boxes but many still make use of an on-board tuner.

In order to accomplish this fusion, Samsung has used LED backlighting which powers a 24” LED display. This may seem tiny for an HDTV by most people’s standards but the aim here was to create a product which is as comfortable in a living room as it is on a desk connected to a PC. Nonetheless, the FX2490HD is packed with items like a TV tuner, built-in speakers and a picture in picture feature which can be used to work on a document while watching a TV program in one of the corners.

The FX2490HD is widely available across North America and can be found online for about $350 USD which is actually a highly competitive price. However, to us the crucial issue is whether or not it can seamlessly transition from one environment to the other.


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