Samsung FX2490HD 24" LED Hybrid HDTV & Monitor Review

Author: AkG
Date: January 19, 2011
Product Name: Samsung FX2490HD
Part Number: LS24F9NSM/ZA
Warranty: 3 Years
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Menu Layout & Observations

In what looks like a carbon copy of the ones used on Samsung’s TVs, the menus on the FX2490HD are laid out in an extremely logical manner with the main picture options being the first item on the list. Through this and the following menus, numerous details pursuant to the overall picture quality, brightness levels and other items can be fine tuned with relatively high levels of precision.

While it is a very compressive set of options, a lot of the fine tuning ability is buried awfully deep under a large number of sub-menus. For example to adjust the gamma you need to go into picture menu, then into the advanced settings sub menu, find the gamma option, select it and only then can you move the appropriate slider. Adjusting the individual R/G/B colours is even more complicated as you have to go all the way down to advanced settings, set “RGB Only Mode” to one of the three main colours, adjust it, change to the other and rinse and repeat. This is extremely annoying and time consuming for something as simple as correcting the off-base default colours.

The FX2490HD comes only with three presets for the overall look and feel of the picture: Dynamic, Standard and Movie along with an interesting set of “ECO” options. ECO limits the backlight output in order to tightly control power consumption while the other options affect the picture in some more substantial ways.

Dynamic is an option to avoid altogether since it tends to completely wash out the picture while Standard will allow the panel to run at defaults but won’t allow the end user to do much in the way of fine tuning. Movie mode on the other hand unlocks the full gamut of picture correction options in other menu sections and is what should be used when fine tuning this monitor for the best possible picture quality.

Since this particular model comes with built in speakers there is of course a sub-menu dedicated to tweaking the audio output. Here you can set the dual speakers to normal “stereo” mode or select a virtualization mode which does a pretty decent job of making a virtual surround sound field.

Audio Options

While we will go over the actual included speakers’ sound quality later in the review there is one very interesting and noteworthy feature of the FX2490HD: the ability to pass on DTS (core) audio via TOSLINK. This may not sound like that big a deal but it could come in handy when you are using the Media Share option and actually want to output a surround sound signal to an amp.

If however you are perfectly happy with stereo sound, the FX2490HD comes equipped with two speakers featuring Dolby Digital Plus and SRS Theater sound processing.

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