Western Digital Caviar Green 3TB Hard Drive Review

Author: AkG
Date: December 29, 2010
Product Name: Western Digital Green 3TB
Part Number: WD30EZRSDTL
Warranty: 3 Years
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Since today’s multimedia files eat space faster than many realize, capacity has become the premier selling point for hard drives rather than shear speed. After all, when you are talking about a product that is bred for the highest amount of storage space rather than a drive that houses an OS and needs to load items quickly, speed really does take a back seat. In most situations consumers have no issue if these massive storage drives sacrifice some speed for capacity as long as pricing is kept at a fair level.

This combination of size and a low price per GB is why Western Digital’s Green line has been so popular. The latest addition to this product range pushes things to the next level. With a massive amount of capacity on tap, the new Green 3TB seems to fit the bill perfectly but with increased space comes a unique set of challenges as well. One of the main issues some will encounter is the incompatibility of these drives with older operating systems like XP. Rotational speed has also been reduced to 5400 RPM. Nonetheless, pricing seems quite good at around $230 and this includes a Host Bus Adaptor which allows the Green 3TB to work with all OS versions.

As an added bonus, a side effect of this move towards massive drive space is increased performance but this is actually a byproduct of higher platter density rather than a new focus upon speed. Since Western Digital only needed four platters to reach 3TB, we are expecting to see boost as this means we are talking some ultra dense 750GB platters.

At this point, the only competitor with a 3TB drive - Seagate - has yet to release their monster as an internal option. The Seagate 3TB “GoFlex Desk” is actually a 7200 RPM external storage solution with slightly neutered specs in order to reduce its power consumption and heat footprints. Expect Seagate to release a fully-fledged internal version in the New Year but since many are pulling these drives out of their external enclosures, we’ll be including it in this review.

Since Western Digital has equipped this drive with a long list of features and technologies, it will be interesting to see how it performs against the competition. However, it is very important to remember this drive is targeted at users who don’t need copious amounts of speed but rather want a ton of capacity to store predominantly media files. So don’t expect the 3TB to set any speed records.


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