Noctua NF-P12 120mm Fan Review

by Michael "SKYMTL" Hoenig     |     December 24, 2007

Noctua NF-P12 120mm Fan Review
On Air & Water Cooling

Product Number: NF-P12
Price: Approx. $14CAD
Warranty: 6-Year
Availability: Now
Manufacturer Product Page: Noctua.at - sound-optimised premium components "Designed in Austria"!

Noctua is not a company that releases a product every other month. Rather, they pick and choose their battles wisely and more often than not come out on top due to their products’ engineering excellence and award-winning design. In this review we will be looking a little closer at their brand new fan: the NF-P12.

Believe it or not, I was extremely excited to receive this fan. I know it isn’t a marquee product like a next-generation GPU or leading-edge processor but knowing the time and effort Noctua puts into every one of their products, I think my excitement was warranted. Noctua is an Austrian-based company that has been known for their high-end cooling solutions for some time now and the NF-P12 represents the next logical step for them. While they had already released a great-performing fan with their NF-S12, it was somewhat lacking when it came to high-impedance applications. Consumers were hesitant about installing an S12 on their radiators or heatsinks due to the fact it has a less than optimal static pressure envelope for those situations. Noctua has decided that it is time to do something about it and has released this new product which targets the exact areas the S12 was lacking in.

Noctua promises that the NF-P12 (the “P” stands for “Pressure”) is an engineering tour-de force and it definitely has a price to match this claim. Considering the lowest price I have found for this fan is about $14 CAD, this means you will have to dish out about $42 if you want to outfit your 3-fan radiator with a trio of NF-P12 fans. While this may seem like a lot (and it is) all of Noctua’s fans come in full retail packaging so you will never go wanting for mounting hardware or speed adaptors. You will also have the backing of Noctua’s excellent 6-year warranty if anything goes wrong with the bearing or any other component of the fan.

Considering everything Noctua has promised for the NF-P12, we only thought it fitting to test it in various environments. Not only will I be testing it in single and dual configurations on the popular Thermalright Ultra-120 Extreme but I also shipped two of these fans to our resident water cooling guru. He will test these fans on a single-fan radiator application. So, sit back and enjoy the review.


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