Edifier E1100 2.1 Speaker System Review

by Robscix     |     December 21, 2007

Edifier E1100 2.1 Speaker System Review

Price: Approx. $53CDN
Availability: In stores Now
Manufacturers Part#: E1100
Manufacturer's Product Page: Edifier E1100 Multimedia Speaker
Warranty: 1 Year

The PC speaker system landscape is mainly controlled by very large companies like Creative and Logitech but there are a few lesser-known companies out there that fabricate what amounts to amazing PC speaker systems that are hard to compete with for any new comer to the audio scene. Nonetheless, there are a few "rogue" companies out there that fabricate what amounts to amazing PC speaker systems that haven't received much attention. These are the companies we try to focus on here at Hardware Canucks since thy are capable of producing some great products at attractive prices. Today we will be looking at a speaker system from one such company: Edifier

The Edifier audio company is a very well known and highly respected company overseas and it has slowly and methodically been pushing their way into the large North American market. They are based in Beijing but distribute their products in North America through their secondary headquarters in Vancouver. Here is what they have to say about their company and the products they produce:

"All originates from the unrelenting pursuit of high sound quality"

Edifier, well-known multimedia speaker brand,is one of the finest acoustical product manufacturers with a rich and vivid international personality in the World. Edifier always insists on producing the best possible sound and product quality in a given price point. Using only the finest materials available, and real wood enclosures on many of it's systems-- Edifier creates the Art of Sound!

Sounds pretty good, doesn't it? But then again, you can't judge a product based on marketing quotes alone. Yet, their flagship product designs have been known to feature high quality components, crystal clear amplifiers and eardrum-punishing subwoofers on high-power systems.

Edifier has now released a line of well-received entry level systems into our markets for their ever widening dedicated fanbase. Today we have their new E1100 2.1 speaker system which is aimed at the more cost conscious consumer. It retails for about $55, has a simple one-year' warranty and promises to incorporate high quality sound into a stylish and compact design. The question on our minds for this review is will Edifiers commitment to quality audio and design excellence show through on their smaller, more modestly priced audio equipment? Let's open the box and find out...


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