Edifier E1100 2.1 Speaker System Review

by Robscix     |     December 21, 2007

Packaging and Accessories

The shipping box for this system was fairly hefty and the speaker system arrived in perfect condition after close inspection of each unit. The size of the box and the illustrations would likely catch your attention if shopping in your local PC store for a new PC speaker system. That being said, the box itself is quite compact considering it holds a whole 2.1 speaker system within. There is also an illustration of the classic Ridley Scott Alien in the lower corner of the box, more on that later.

When the box is opened we are immediately greeted with a top-down view of the two satellite speakers which are encased in cardboard to stop them from bumping into one another during shipping. Each individual speaker unit was wrapped in plastic wrap and fitted into its own compartment to help prevent damage from rough shipping and handling. Some PC speaker companies seem to neglect this area of packaging and you get a system that is damaged or scratched. Luckily this Edifier system arrived to me in mint condition.

The subwoofer is below the upper tray and supported from the top and the bottom by yet more packaging material in order to keep it snuggly in place. It is sealed in plastic and taped tightly to prevent any dust contamination.

The E1100 bundle includes the satellite speaker units, subwoofer, power supply, line input cable, instruction/connection manual, Edifier monogram polishing cloth and a sticker depicting the classic Alien for the science fiction fans in the crowd. I will also like to note that the included power supply has a Velcro tie wrap for the power cord and the plug itself has protective plastic shell for the AC prongs. It is these and other little details and extras that make the Edifier speaker systems stand out from the large crowd of audio companies currently competing for your hard earned audio dollars. On the other hand, the Alien logo is still pretty much lost on us...even though the subwoofer does look slightly Alienesque.

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