nMedia HTPC 600BAR Case Review

by Fielding     |     December 18, 2007

nMedia HTPC 600BAR Case Review

Manufacturer Part #: HTPC-600BAR
Price: Approx. $105CDN
Availability: Canada
Warranty: 1 Year
Colours Available: Black and Silver
Manufacturer Product Page: NMEDIAPC.com - HTPC 600

As PCs gradually make their way into more and more people's living rooms, companies have needed to adapt their case designs to blend in better with their new, more visible environments. Companies like nMedia have come to the forefront with new enclosure designs which better suit a home theatre environment with compact and quiet running cases. Since these HTPC cases are getting better and better at blending in, nMedia has been working on ways for their enclosures to stand out in a market segment that is getting quite crowded as of late. Into this, nMedia has released the case we have here today: the HTPC-600BAR.

The nMedia Home Theatre PC 600BAR is a compact enclosure which is destined not for the desk but for your cozy little den or in the midst of your high tech home threatre setup. This HTPC case is not the most compact home theater PC case around but thatís because itís designed to fit a full size ATX motherboard as opposed to most cases this size fitting only mATX motherboards. Thanks to the ATX support, the HTPC 600BAR can support a wide array of configurations and gives the consumer more options.

nMedia states that the reason you should look at their chassis is the fact they are ďaffordable, AV looking, silent, multimedia and compact" in that order (taken directly from the nMedia site). Does the nMedia HTPC 600BAR live up to that expectation? More importantly, is it something that you would want alongside your TV and mass of electronics? With a design imitating a home theatre receiver and a Vista media centre remote included, itís definitely starting on the right track.


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