Event Report: GIGABYTE Open Overclocking Championship 2010

Author: MAC
Date: October 4, 2010
Product Name: GIGABYTE Open Overclocking Championship 2010
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Event Report: GIGABYTE Open Overclocking Championship 2010 Worldwide Final

It's that time of year again, Hardware Canucks is proud to bring you the only North American coverage of the third annual and always entertaining GIGABYTE Open Overclocking Championship, 2010 Edition.

During numerous local competitions and five regional finals, the latest of which was the North American final on August 7th, overclockers from 33 countries around the world competed to earn a spot at the GIGABYTE Open Overclocking 2010 Worldwide Final event on September 25th. Once the dust settled, 15 competitors distinguished themselves from the rest and were deemed worthy of an official invite to Taiwan and an opportunity to walk away as this year's GO OC world champion. Bragging rights aside, the competitors had an chance to enrich themselves to the tune of almost $8000 USD if they came in first, so there was certainly no lack of motivation to give it their all.

Let's take a look at who the lucky contestants are:

As you can see, to the delight of everyone most of those who made it to this year's final event were first timers, which just goes to show how difficult it is to consistently perform at a high level during live oveclocking events. Despite being novices at this event, chances are that you've seen everyone of these highly respected users before, either on overclocking forums, hwbot or even the ORB.

Massman, Sno.lcn, and ZoLKoRn are 'veterans' at this event, but as you will see in the coming pages, when the stars are aligned against you all the experience in the world doesn't help.

Once again, we had no Canadian representative at this year's event, but given the fact that our whole country's hopes and dreams rest on the shoulders of one, albeit capable, person (3oh6) that shouldn't necessarily come as a surprise.

As mentioned above, the event took place once again in Taipei, Taiwan. However, instead of the now familiar Taipei 101 building, GIGABYTE selected a terrific venue located in the Hua-Shan Creative Park.

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At approximately 9 AM on September 25th, competitors and media alike made their way to the location, and the presentation was downright awesome. GIGABYTE had lined the walk way to the competition hall with the flag of each competitor's home country.

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As soon as anyone walked into the GO OC coliseum they were greeted by the 'Time Tunnel of GO OC 2010', which highlighted all the events that led up to this final competition. This is also where the competitors registered and pulled a number out of a box in order to determine their seating location.

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As usual, upon registration, each overclocker had to sign the photo wall under their respective likeness. I would really like to see where each event's wall ends up.

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