Corsair TX750 750W Power Supply Review

by Michael "SKYMTL" Hoenig     |     December 13, 2007

Corsair TX750 750W Power Supply Review

Product Number: CMPSU-750TX
Price: $150CAD.......$119.99 after MIR in our Sponsored Deals (signup required)
Fan: 1x 140mm
Warranty: 5-Year
Availability: Now
Manufacturer Product Page: Welcome to Corsair :: TX Power Supply Product Information

Not too long ago Corsair was known for their outstanding memory and flash storage products but they wanted to add something new to their lineup: power supplies. From this decision to branch into unfamiliar territory some of the most highly-renowned power supplies of the last year were born: the HX520 and HX620. I reviewed the Corsair HX620 a little while back and I found that all the hoopla and overly-positive reviews surrounding this unit were perfectly justified. It was one of the best power supplies I had come across during testing and it came at a pretty fair price.

Well, a new day has dawned and Corsair is upgrading their power supply lineup by filling in some gaps that have appeared at the higher and lower ends of the spectrum. A few months ago Corsair launched their VX-series of power supplies (in 450W and 550W outputs) which gave consumers access to Corsair-branded, non-modular power supplies at a price that undercut their original HX-series. This gave our merry band of pirate friends over at Corsair a presence in the lower-end segment but they were still high and dry at higher outputs. This is where the brand new TX-series comes in.

Corsair originally launched the TX-series with their CWT-made TX750W non-modular power supply which I will be looking at in this review. As you have probably already guessed, this power supply is rated at 750W continuous output and carries Corsairís 5-year warranty. In the last few weeks, Corsair has also launched their TX650W which is Seasonic-built and I wouldnít be surprised if we see an 850W version sometime down the road. One way or another, at around $150CAD Corsair is once again poised to dominate another price bracket with this 750W power supply. While it may not be modular, the TX750 has one heck of an act to follow considering the HX-series has been one of the best selling power supply lines from ANY manufacturer.

Some of you may be wondering if the move away from Seasonic as an OEM for the TX750 is a wise thing to do. Considering the high quality we are seeing with the current crop of Channel Well built power supplies, I would say that Corsair made a good decision. On the other hand, they have not completely ditched Seasonic since the HX-series continues to be built by them along with the VX450 and TX650. The VX550 as well as the TX750 are made by Channel Well (CWT).

All things considered, if this power supply can continue Corsairís tradition of amazing performance for a fair price they will probably continue their domination into the 750W category.


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