Corsair TX750 750W Power Supply Review

by Michael "SKYMTL" Hoenig     |     December 13, 2007

Cables and Connectors

- Molex: 8 Connectors
o 2x 34” (4 connectors each)

- SATA: 8 Connectors
o 2x 34” length (4 connectors each)

- PCI-E 6+2 Pin: 4 Connectors
o 4x 24” length

- 20+4 ATX Connector: 23” length

- 4+4 Pin CPU Connector: 19 1/2” length

- Floppy: 2 Connectors
o 2x 38 1/2” (@ end of Molex cables)

After the last Corsair power supply I reviewed, I was used to Corsair’s outstanding modular design but the TX750 only has fixed cables. This isn’t too big of a deal except that with the quantity and lengths of the cables, it does get a bit tedious tucking them all away. Even though I prefer modular power supplies, I have to say that the connector selection Corsair chose for this power supply is second to none. There are an amazing number of Molex and SATA connectors and the inclusion of FOUR 8-pin PCI-E connectors is a new record for power supplies we have tested. With all of these connectors, the TX750 is ready for whatever the future may throw at it.

No matter how many connectors a power supply may have, they won’t be worth spit if they can’t reach your components. Fortunately, Corsair has hit the nail on the head with the lengths of the cables on the TX750. Every single one of the cables is extremely long and was able to reach the bottom 2900XT in our Gigabyte Aurora 570 case without any problem. The sleeving on all of the cables is also top-notch as well.

All of the Molex connectors are equipped with quick-release tabs which really come in hand when disconnecting these connectors. I find that not enough power supplies incorporate these tabs onto their Molex connectors so it is good to see them here.

Since all of the PCI-E connectors are of the 6+2 pin variety, they can be used as both 8-pin and 6-pin connectors depending on which application you choose them for. Each PCI-E cable is independent unlike some of the power supplies we have reviewed in the past which use 2 PCI-E connectors per cable. Personally, I like Corsair’s approach much more since it doesn’t leave the second connector flapping around the inside of your case if you use only one.

The only thing that somewhat bothers me about the cables on the Corsair TX750 is the fact that they are not completely sleeved all the way into the housing. If Corsair would have left the opening into the housing sans rubber grommet, I would not have docked some points. Yet, they have foreseen the potential problems this can cause and have provided the grommet to protect the bare cables. Thus, instead of being a danger for the cables, this lack of complete sleeving only makes the cables look slightly unsavory.

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