Mushkin Ridgeback PC3-12800 4GB DDR3 Memory Review

Author: Eldonko
Date: September 1, 2010
Product Name: Mushkin Ridgeback PC3-12800 6-8-6-24 Memory
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Before jumping right into photos and testing, letís take a brief look at the specifications for the Mushkin Ridgeback PC3-12800 6-8-6-24. Specs for the particular kit being tested in this review are as follows:

Model: 996826
Type: DDR3
Pins: 240
Voltage: 1.65V
Speed Spec: PC3-12800
Timings: tCL 6, tRCD 8, tRP 6, tRAS 24
Frequency: 1600MHz
Dimensions: 125mm (L) x 40mm (H) x 7mm (W)
Kit Quantity: Dual Kit
Capacity: 4GB (2GB x2)
Module Config: 256x64
Heatsink: Ridgeback
Registered / Unbuffered: Unbuffered
Warranty: Lifetime

Additional features specific to Mushkin Ridgeback PC3-12800 6-8-6-24 include:

The Ridgeback lineup of memory consists of six kits of DDR3 and one kit of DDR2 memory. Looking closer at the DDR3 kits there are two 4GB kits, two 6GB kits, one 8GB kit, and one 12GB kit. Timings range from 6-8-6 to 10-10-10 for the higher capacity kits. Complete details on all Ridgeback kits are as follows:


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