Corsair Force 120GB Solid State Drive Review

Author: AkG
Date: July 26, 2010
Product Name: Corsair Force 120GB Solid State Drive
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The Corsair F120 can be described as many things but letís say for the sake of this conclusion that we were very impressed by the numbers it returned. Yes in some certain areas the drive is slightly slower than the 301 firmware-equipped F100, but the difference really wonít affect real world performance all that much. As time goes by it is quite possible that not only will you get a 20% bigger drive by opting for the F120 but also one that is faster as well due to its access to new and improved firmwares. Weíre still in the early days of the SF-1222ís lifecycle and itís quite obvious that SandForce still has a few tricks up their sleeve for the future.

Granted, Corsair didnít take the G.Skill route and modify the innards of the drive for increased performance but to be honest with you, this driveís price more than makes up for that. As it stands, the F120 canít really compete with the Vertex 2 on a sheer performance level but it nonetheless competes extremely well across every test.

Since Corsair canít compete against a drive which has a devastating firmware advantage they did what they're known for: out valuing the competition. While the Vertex 2 and all the other SandForce drives we have looked at have a price per Gigabyte level that is admittedly on the high end of the enthusiast spectrum, the F120 is actually the first to land in what we consider a more value-oriented category. All-round performance and a larger capacity combined with a price that is awfully damn tempting may just sway peopleís decision away from the other slightly faster options out there. We know if we could gain 20% more space - yet still not have to worry all that much about longevity - and get a drive that is almost as fast as the best of the best, we would awfully tempted jump on the bandwagon.

When push comes to shove, it really is up to you to decide what your main priorities are. Having the absolute best of the best is your top priority; you may wish to look elsewhere. However, if you are like most hard-working Joes with a craving for speed yet need to stick to a reasonable budget, then this drive should be on your ultra-short list. We may not be able to say that it is the best option for all but we can say it is a good option for many. For this reason we award the Corsair F120 our Damn Good Value award.


- TRIM capable
- Good write performance
- Good read performance
- 20% more useable space
- Three year warranty
- Legendary Corsair customer service
- Relatively good value for your money


- Slight concerns about reduced longevity and data reliability
- While good, the warranty isnít as long as some competitors


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