OCZ 2x1GB DDR3 PC3-12800 Platinum EB Review

by 3oh6     |     November 20, 2007

OCZ 2x1GB DDR3 PC3-12800 Platinum EB Review

Price: $549.99 CND NCIX
Availability: Available at time of posting but not in stock, usually within 2-3 weeks
Manufacturer's Part Number: OCZ3P1600EB2GK
Warranty: Lifetime Warranty through OCZ Technology

There have been a lot of headlines plastering the technology news sites in recent months regarding quite a familiar name. OCZ Technology Inc. has been hard at work putting together a complete business profile that now includes one of the most renowned names in power supply manufacturing, PC Power & Cooling. In addition to the PC Power & Cooling acquisition, OCZ has recently added a premier system builder to the newly formed OCZ Technology Group, Hypersonic PC Systems. It seems to have all come so suddenly but OCZ has been cooking this dinner for a while and it is quite exciting to see it happen.

But what about the memory part of their business you ask? Did you think OCZ would let these new acquisitions change what got them where they are today? Most definitely not. It is business as usual in the memory halls at one of the leading SDRAM memory manufacturers. With the gradual movement to DDR3, we are guaranteed to see plenty of new and exciting products coming from OCZ Technology Inc..

On the docket today is a sample from the OCZ DDR3 Platinum shelf in the form of a PC3-12800 Enhanced Bandwidth Edition kit. These modules are rated for operating frequencies up to 800MHz which is DDR3-1600 at, as an added kick, timings of 7-6-6-20 on Asus motherboards. These modules sport the well known XTC heatspreaders and come in a hand tested 2x1GB package. The gavel is in my right hand and ready to pass judgment on these rather impressive sounding modules so let's get started with the opening statements.

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