GIGABYTE's New Technologies: CloudOC, Unlocked Power & More

Author: MAC
Date: June 21, 2010
Product Name: GIGABYTE: CloudOC, Unlocked Power & More
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HotKey OC

Next up GIGABYTE showed off the HotKey OC feature, which should prove quite popular among competitive overclockers. Available on all GB motherboards that support EasyTune6, HotKey OC is a keyboard-based method to overclock and/or tweak system settings on-the-fly while a game or benchmarking is actually running. In the live demonstration, GIGABYTE in-house overclocker Hicookie demonstrated how he could overclock a Core i5-655K from 3.20Ghz to 3.84Ghz on a GA-P55A-UD4P motherboard using one key stroke, and while the Unigine Heaven Benchmark was running.

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Why would anyone need this feature? Well using Gigabyte's example, imagine if your CPU could run every GPU test in 3DMark06 at 4.81Ghz but would always crash at the CPU tests. Well with Hotkey OC you can simply switch profiles or manually downclock your CPU to a stable clock speed right before the CPU tests start, and then as soon as its over switch back to your original CPU overclock. This is easy process that can help you squeeze out those extra few 3DMarks or frames per second. It is also a heck of a lot easier than having to mess around with buttons and joysticks on the motherboard itself like previous implementations of this concept.

If the images aren't enough for you, here is a demonstration of this new feature in action featuring GIGABYTE Technical Marketing Manager Rockson Chiang and brought to us by our friends over at OverclockingTV.


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