Cooler Master Elite 430 ATX Case Review

Author: AkG
Date: August 5, 2010
Product Name: Cooler Master Elite 430 Case
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These days, you can’t buy all that much for less than sixty bucks. Some games have topped $70 in some cases while memory, video card and even CPU prices seem to be rapidly spiralling out of control. Cooler Master on the other hand is looking to add a bit of sensibility to the proceedings by introducing a gully featured case featuring better than expected build quality for less than sixty dollars. Surprised? Well you shouldn’t be since this is one company that we have come to expect such things of.

The fact of the matter is for every person who is willing to spend $100+ on a “simple case” there are literally dozens of people who simply want a good, reliable product without any of the frivolity some include to help justify their inflated prices. In a market which is cluttered with either $150 and higher behemoths or cheaply made sub-$100 products, the Elite series from Cooler Master has always represented a means by which entry level buyers can purchase quality and features for a fair price. Unfortunately, the older Elite lineup was getting a bit long in the tooth and lagging behind in the feature department so a replacement was brewed. The new Elite 430 is supposed to continue the longstanding tradition of this line by throwing most of the inexpensive enclosure preconceptions out the window and blazing a new trail.

Luckily, since the Elite 430 is basically the bread and butter of Cooler Master’s lineup, finding it isn’t all that hard and its price is of course extremely competitive. If you happen to miss one of the sales that bring the 430’s price to slightly under $50 USD, expect to pay no more than $55 to $60 for it.

When you combine this good asking price with what on paper looks to be some great new features, this could be the case many will be looking at for their budget builds.


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