BFG 800W Power Supply Review

by Michael "SKYMTL" Hoenig     |     November 17, 2007

BFG 800W Power Supply Review

Product Number: BFGR800WPSU
Price: $160.57 @ Directcanada
Packaging: Retail
Fan Size: 2X 80mm
Warranty: Lifetime
Availability: Now
Manufacturer’s Product Page: BFG Tech - 800W Power Supply

When someone says the name BFG, we immediately start thinking about graphics cards but unbeknownst to many consumers BFG has a long list of other products in their stable. These products include motherboards, various AV products, power supplies and even an Internet Traffic Cop. While all of this sounds very interesting, in this review we will be concentrating on one of their power supplies in 800W flavor.

For their power supply undertakings, BFG has looked to Topower as an OEM. Topower is one of those companies that has a Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality; they are capable of producing a rip-roaring power supplies but have been known to produce their fair share of flops as well. Luckily, BFG has long been known for releasing high-quality products and backing them up with a lifetime warranty to boot. Thus, even though their OEM may be a bit on the spotty side, BFG stands behind their products 100% by offering the customer great customer service and outstanding warranties.

In this review we will be taking a closer look at the BFG 800W power supply. This unit has been out for almost half a year and in that time we have seen various competitors come into the same price range. Speaking of price, this 800W power supply as seen a significant price reduction in recent weeks to the point where it is selling for around $160CAD. A few short months ago this same product was retailing for over $200CAD and this new price is a significant reduction. This price reduction is probably due to the number of competitors that have popped up on the market in the last little while. If this power supply can perform up to our expectations for a BFG product, we may have a new winner in the price / performance area.


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