Computex 2010: Noctua & Coolink Show a Horde of New Heatsinks

by Michael "SKYMTL" Hoenig     |     June 2, 2010

Computex 2010: Noctua and Coolink Show a Horde of New Heatsinks

While we may not be physically able to bring you the latest and greatest from the Computex show floor, Hardware Canucks will be bringing you a series of quick articles which will highlight some upcoming products from various manufacturers.

In this article both Noctua and Coolink show us their upcoming heatsinks of which some are early prototypes and others are just about ready for production. We don't have much in the way of information regarding these (some are so new that they don't have names yet) but what little specs we could dig out of our contacts is contained in this article.

Article Index:
(All images provided by Coolink & Noctua)

Page 1: Coolink Corator DS PLUS / Corator MS
Page 2: Noctua: Adaptable 140mm Downdraft / Next Gen. Dual Tower Coolers
Page 3: Noctua: Next Gen Single Tower / New Low Profile Cooler

Coolink's Products

Corator DS PLUS

Currently in development under the project name Corator DS Plus, Coolink is working on improving several aspects of the original Corator DS for delivering utmost performance.


- Four 8mm Dual-Heatpipes
- Exclusive GDT – technology
- Improved Fin-Design
- More Fins for increased surface area
- Dual-Fan support
- SecuFirm™ 2 mounting system
- High compatibility with existing and future sockets

Corator MS

Designed with utmost compatibility in mind, the Corator MS will be the first choice for space constrained environments, while still offering highest performance.

- Mono-Stack Tower design
- Two 8mm and three 6mm Dual-Heatpipes
- Exclusive GDT – technology
- Airflow optimized design
- Dual-Fan support
- SecuFirm™ 2 mounting system
- High compatibility with existing and future sockets

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