OCZ Vertex 2 100GB Solid State Drive Review

Author: AkG
Date: June 8, 2010
Product Name: OCZ Vertex 2 100GB Solid State Drive
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OCZís Canadian Support Services

In a new section in some reviews, Hardware Canucks will be focusing upon companies that feature Canadian RMA service that goes above and beyond what we are used to having. We figure this will help you make the right purchase while pushing manufacturers to start improving their service here in Canada

There are plenty of companies in this industry that promise legitimate customer and warranty support but very few that actually follow through on those promises. There are even less companies that talk about giving proper support to us living here in the Great White North so when we recently sat down with the whoís who at OCZ, the Canadian RMA experience was something that was discussed at length. OCZ has built up a stellar reputation when it comes to after sales support but it seems they have given special attention to Canada and our unique needs when it comes to cross-border shipping. Interestingly enough, a lot of the points which were brought up were buried so deep in their FAQ section that even we didnít know about them.

Even though OCZ tries to ensure that they release products of the highest possible quality, there will always be a few bad apples here and there. This means some customers here in Canada will invariably have to tackle the dreaded RMA nightmare that usually happens when dealing with a US-based company. There are endless customs forms to fill out, increased wait times and a long turn-around time while the return shipment sometimes carries a little special gift in the form of customs charges and brokerage fees. It really isnít a pretty situation to be in when you are waiting for a replacement product.

OCZ understands our pain. To begin with, nearly all products which go in for RMA from Canada get shipped to a location in Ontario which handles the processing of the returned product and most of the time ships out a replacement. This not only allows for a quicker turn-around time but also eliminates all of the shipping nightmares we were talking about earlier. Unfortunately, OCZ has not yet implemented cross shipping on Canadian returns but its omission has more to do with our credit card laws rather than any unwillingness on OCZís part.

When it comes to shipping, it is the customer who pays for shipping to the Canadian facility while OCZ pays for the return shipment. Some of the return shipments will originate in the US due to the fact that their Northern office doesnít stock every product but supposedly customs issues are extremely rare. If there are additional charges, we have been told that OCZ will take care of them on their end so you donít have to pay out of pocket.

For those of you living in or about the Markham area, there is even better news. You can specify in your RMA ticket that you would like to hand-deliver your defective product directly to the return counter at OCZís Canadian offices. In other words, once OCZ approves your RMA, you should be able to drive down to the facility, drop off your item and (if they have a replacement in stock) receive a replacement right away.

In our opinion, it really doesnít get any better than that for us Canadians. Below we have listed some of the pertinent information regarding OCZís contact information, etc.

Customer Support:
Tel. Number: Toll Free (800) 459-1816
Hours: M-F 8:00 AM-5:00 PM PST

Canadian RMA Facility:
OCZ Technology Group Inc.
Attn: RMA Dept. Canada
160 Konrad Cres., Unit #1
Markham, Ontario, Can L3R 9T9

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