Thermaltake Frio CPU Cooler Review

Author: AkG
Date: July 19, 2010
Product Name: Thermaltake Frio CPU Cooler
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Dual Fan Performance Results

As expected the Frio is a beast when you run both of its fans at full speed. However, in testament to exactly how good these fans are, the difference between single fan results and dual fan results is only a little more than 3.5°C. Also as expected, when comparing “apples to apples” with dual NF-P12-1300 fans the Thermaltake Frio has a firm grasp on third place. This is impressive considering its price.

Sound Level Testing

While everyone "hears" noise differently there is one easy way to remove all subjectivness and easily compare different fans: use a sound level meter. This way you can easily compare the various fans noise envelopes without us colouring the results and see what fans fit within your personal comfort level. Of course, we will endeavour to try and explain the various results (which are taken at a 30 inch distance) to help you our readers get an even better understanding of how loud a cooler's stock fan is, but even if you discount our personal opinions, the fact remains numbers don't lie. All fans are tested with both voltage regulation / PWM turned off.

All in all this fan really is versatile. At full speed it is loud, but then again it is going awfully damn fast and it offers very good performance for the amount of noise it makes. More importantly, it basically has a very similar sound profile to that of a Scythe S-Flex G when running at G speeds (yet gives better results) and it out and out blows away Noctua when running at the same speed as our NF-P12-1300 does.

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