Binaura A102AB Home theater System Review

by Robscix     |     November 11, 2007

Binaura B102AB Home Theater System Review


Price: $299.99 at NCIX
Availability: In Stores now
Manufacturer’s Part Number: B102AB
Warranty: 1 year Limited.


Surround sound systems have become common place in many living rooms and on many PC desks. Many people wouldn’t dream of watching a DVD or playing a game without having 5.1 audio enhancing the experience. Unfortunatley quality surround systems can have a considerable price point and some drawbacks such as wiring and location for the rear channels. With these factors in mind, many people prefer to use 2.0 or 2.1 channel systems for reasons such as space concerns or wiring issues. The Binaura audio company has a solution for those individuals who want big enveloping sound but don’t want a full 5.1 configuration. The question is can this Binuara audio system with two speakers truly produce the quality directional audio and large sound field most of us have come to expect from our home theater systems and PC audio systems?


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