Prolimatech Armageddon 140mm CPU Cooler Review

Author: AkG
Date: June 10, 2010
Product Name: Prolimatech Armageddon CPU Cooler
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Dual Stock Fan Performance Results

Obviously, the Armageddon will not be the first choice for any enthusiast who wants the lowest temperatures they can get with a single fan. With that being said, if absolute performance is not a huge concern for you, then one and half degrees is really all not that much performance to give up if it means you end up with a system which will most likely be much quieter than the competition.

At an even more basic level, this small decrease in performance is really not all that important as this cooler is not designed to replace the mighty Megahalems. Rather it is meant for a different niche: consumers who want to get kick arse performance, yet don't want to deal with a lot of hassle installing their fancy new toy and would like the near-silence afforded by massive 140mm ans spinning at low RPMs.

Apples to Apples Comparison

While make it a rule to not do any modifications in order to test the review CPU cooling solution with our standard 120mm fans, we are going to break our own rule just this once and see what this cooler really is made of. Where the heatpipes are wider then a 120mm fan, these results are going to be extremely variable and unless you are fan of duct tape, you will not be running YOUR Armageddon with any 120mm fan. For this reason you can consider these tests here solely to satisfy our own curiosity and see exactly how good or bad this new design is compared to the Prolimatech Megahalems and other mainstream competitors.

NF P12-1300

When comparing the Armageddon with one low speed fan and the Megahalems with the exact same fan it is blatantly obvious that the Armageddon does not like low speed, low static pressure fans; or at the very least does not like being matched to ONE low speed, low static pressure fan. This really doesn’t tell us anything new as we saw huge performance gains with going to two Xigmatek low performance fans. More importantly, it still doesn’t really change our minds on this cooler as it really needs two fans, even less then optimal ones like the ones Prolimatech sent us, and that is how you should really run this cooler.

Scythe S-Flex G 1900RPM

It seems that the Armageddon engineers may have been a tad too forward thinking in making this a 140mm fan only design. We say that as it is obvious that the Achilles’ Heel of this unit is its inability to mount high static pressure, high speed 120mm fans; fans which this cooler just adores. At this time finding 140mm high performance fans is like finding a single strand of hay in a stack of needles: it is going to be painful and most likely futile. You are most likely better off going with two more mundane 140mm fans then setting out on a Don Quixote'esque search for a single high pressure 140mm fan. This may change in time, but as it stands it is crying shame this unit does not accept 120mm fans without the need to resort to duct tape.

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