Prolimatech Armageddon 140mm CPU Cooler Review

Author: AkG
Date: June 10, 2010
Product Name: Prolimatech Armageddon CPU Cooler
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Prolimatech Armageddon Installation

Before we begin we would like to state that the mounting equipment and installation method for the Armageddon lives up to our expectations of what to expect from Prolimatech. Everything was of the absolute highest quality we have seen in a long while and everything was perfectly executed.

Once you have removed your motherboard from the case, the first step is to install the robust backplate. Then it’s simply a matter of putting the retention brackets and mounting the heatsink.

As with the Mega Shadow, this bracket has two “fingers” which line up with two small indents in the top of the heatsink’s base, allowing the bracket to freeze the cooler in place. The fact it has two of these fingers instead of the usual one also means this heatsnk won’t twist on you like the TRUE has been known to do. What also is noteworthy is this top bracket now has two large, metal lined sockets in which the spring reloaded screws can rest. This means that you can lay the screws in place before installing the Armageddon with no fear of them falling off.

With the cooler secured you can then easily mount either one or two fans to it with the 4 included ArmaClips. To do so you simply slide them in and over the plastic frame of the fan, then place the fan into position on the Armageddon and then push in gently on the clips. By applying pressure on the sides of the clips (aptly labelled “press here”) the ArmaClips flex just enough to slide over and then into their notches on the sides of the Armageddon.

When it comes to clearance issues we can say things were a darn sight better then they were with the Mega Shadow. Even with two 140mm fans attached there really is going to be very few potential issues you will run into. The fact that the fin array is not 140mm tall and starts far away from the motherboard means that you do have a lot of leeway with where your fan is attached to the cooler. So, unless your motherboard has extremely tall heatsinks you shouldn’t have any issues with the Armageddon.

To be honest about the only real issue worth mentioning is the fact that this cooler can NOT mount 120mm fans. The above photo shows one ArmaClip attached to one side of the heatsink, yet as you can see the ArmaClips would need to be redesigned to reach a 120mm fan. This effectively reduces your fan choice to only a handful of somewhat expensive, low-RPM products which for the most part have been designed for case cooling applications.

Making things worse, is the fact that since ArmaClips need a flat surface on the side of fan housing you will not even be able to mount some 140mm fans to it. The best example of this is the Noctua P14 fan, which has a circular housing and as such is incompatible with the Armageddon.

Honestly, we were expecting good things from the installation of this cooler and we weren’t disappointed with the setup, but the same cannot be said of the fan mounting issues we experienced. If you are going to take the time to make a cooler 140mm fan capable, please for all that’s holy take the time to make it reverse compatible with 120mm fans. The fact of the matter is you may be able to easily find low noise 140mm fans, but finding high performance high static pressure ones IS going to be difficult to say the least.

And then, you go to put it in your case and….

….the darn thing won’t fit. Now granted, the pictures above show that it is impossible to install the Armageddon into a totally budget-minded Cooler Master Elite 430 but this clearly shows that height could become a serious issue in some cases. On larger more enthusiast-oriented enclosures this won’t be a problem unless your beastly case includes an equally large side panel fan. We nonetheless recommend you pay close attention to the specs we have listed on the second page of this review and take the necessary measurements before buying the Armageddon.

All in all, we’ll chalk this up to a combination of case and cooler limitations rather than placing the blame firmly upon Prolimatech’s shoulders.

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