Prolimatech Armageddon 140mm CPU Cooler Review

Author: AkG
Date: June 10, 2010
Product Name: Prolimatech Armageddon CPU Cooler
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In the dark recesses of the tech industry there are whispers saying that Prolimatech products are the brainchildren of several rogue Thermalright engineers who wanted to cut loose and launch a viable competitor to what is still one of the most highly regarded manufacturers in the PC world. After seeing what the Armageddon was capable of, we’re inclined to believe those whispers and embrace them. On a road that is usually paved with disappointment, Prolimatech has now proven that the Megahalems isn’t just a one hit wonder and they are capable of producing a whole lineup of high performance heatsinks.

This heatsink simply excels in certain areas and it perfectly caters to a market that currently wants a high performance cooling solution without all the noise associated with quicker-running 120mm fans. Then there is the Armageddon’s installation process. Seriously, it should be used as a case study by every other heatsink manufacturer since it perfectly illustrates how things should be done. When one is able to install a heatsink with the bulk of the Armageddon in only a few minutes, you know there’s an engineer out there who deserves a glass raised in their name.

While it does target a specific niche very well, we have to wonder if the Armageddon isn’t just a bit ahead of its time. At this point, 140mm fans just aren’t as widely available nor do they provide the mid and high speed (and high static pressure) options of their smaller 120mm brethren. Even though they are some of the best fan mounting solutions around, the ArmaClips only allow certain 140mm fans to be installed which will only adds to the frustration of actually finding a perfect match for your brand new cooler. Seeing Prolimatech supply competitors’ fans with our review unit just illustrates this all the better and is actually quite hilarious in and of itself. It just brings yet another of this heatsink’s Achilles ’ heels into sharp contrast; it is completely unable to even mount a substitute 120mm fan without an ungodly amount of duct tape or a pair of seriously tight rubber bands. In our opinion, the Armageddon should have been launched as a kit with a pair of high static pressure 140mm fans included in the box…even if it meant raising the price to over eighty bucks.

Let’s be honest here. The two Xigmatek fans we tested the Armageddon with have the static pressure equivalent of a rat passing gas. They were designed to be more show than go when mounted in a case and have no business pushing air through the restricted confines of a heatsink’s fins. The resulting performance numbers were slightly disappointing but there is a silver lining lurking beneath the surface as well: if Prolimatech’s slim heatsink can do passably well with sub-optimal fans, imagine what it would do when paired up with the 140mm equivalent of the Scythe S-Flex. The possibilities are absolutely astounding but we weren’t able to test this theory out.

Prolimatech’s Armageddon is in our opinion a huge success for its target market. It makes use of an innovative design to maximize cooling potential with a pair of low RPM 140mm fans and it’s mounting method is simply second to none when it comes to ease of use. Unfortunately, the limited selection of 140mm fans and an inability to accept 120mm fans means it is currently unable to reach its full potential. That doesn’t stop the Armageddon from being one of the most innovative heatsinks we have seen in the last year.

Just remember to carefully take note of your case’s side panel clearance before taking the plunge or you could be in for a particularly nasty surprise.


- Easy Installation
- Thin design makes mounting two fans easy
- Comes with enough clips to mount two fans
- Comes close to matching the Megahalems in performance
- Reasonable Price
- 140mm fan capable


- ONLY 140mm fan capable, 120mm will not mount
- ArmaClips require square cased fans
- Needs higher CFM fans to really shine
- No stock fan included
- Possible clearance issues with some cases


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