Edifier M3400 2.1 Speaker System Review

by Robscix     |     October 22, 2007

Edifier M3400 2.1 Speaker System Review

Price: $59.99 at NCIX Canada
Availability: In Stores now
Manufacturer’s Part Number: M3400
Warranty: 1 Year Limited


The Edifier Audio Company is a very well known and highly respected company overseas. They have been slowly releasing their products into the North American market and are slowly building up their reputation here. Edifier’s working philosophy is " Pure excellence - because your ears deserve only the best". Many companies produce 2.1 systems and our markets are flooded with their low priced offerings but many of them are sub-par. This is the second Edifier speaker system we have tested and the first one blew us away. The questions are simple: can Edifier transfer the quality of sound present in their higher end offerings to the budget market and can Edifier bring anything new to the table? We shall see….