GIGABYTE M8000 Xtreme Gaming Mouse Review

by AkG     |     April 7, 2010

GIGABYTE M8000 Xtreme Laser Gaming Mouse Review

Manufacture Page: M8000X Ė Gigabyte.com
Part Number: GM-M8000X
Price: approx. $58 CAD
Tekwiki: M8000Xtreme - Specs & Reviews

A little while ago we had a chance to put Gigabyteís original M8000 gaming mouse through its paces and while it was far from what we would call a perfect product, it had a lot of things going for it. In fact, we walked away impressed enough to not only award it our Damn Good Value award but to actually add it to our personal stable of mice we use on a daily basis. While good, the original M8000 had a number of weaknesses and first and foremost among those was the fact that it could only store three profiles on board. In addition, we found the software interface was a little bit primitive even though a user didnít need to install it in order to use the M8000. That being said, Gigabyte basically went back to the drawing board and refined things to the point where they are finally able to release their follow-up product: the M8000Xtreme.

On paper it really does seem like Gigabyte not only listened to their customers but actually went about rebuilding the original Ghost from ground up. Yes, they did keep most of the M8000ís praise-worthy features but then took things to the next level as well. The M8000X not only sports an all new 6000DPI sensor, but comes with the new Ghost 2 engine which allows 5 profiles to be stored on its on board memory and gives you the ability to customize the LED colour each of those profiles will use. The software interface has also been given a frontal lobotomy and is now not only more complete but has almost limitless possibilities. Rounding out the list of features is what Gigabyte calls PTP or Perfect Tracking Precision which allows you to calibrate the M8000X to your surface of choice with the mere push of a button.

It is obvious that the M8000X has been built from the ground up to be a gaming mouse and comes with a literal cornucopia of features that will make even the most cynical LAN gaming events smile does come at a price. The M8000x is starting to become available at retailers and e-tailers alike but does come with a price tag of approximately $57 Canadian, which is about $10 more than the M8000 goes for. Do all these added features make the M8000Xtreme a better mouse than its predecessor? Is it worth the extra money? Letís find out.


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