GIGABYTE M8000 Xtreme Gaming Mouse Review

by AkG     |     April 7, 2010

Packaging and Accessories

As with the previous iteration the GM-M8000, the box the 8000Xtreme comes in certainly does scream “gamer” at the top of its lungs. Nonetheless, it does look pretty good to us.

The back of this box is a fold down affair held up and in place with two Velcro strips. The reason it is a fold down “flap” style is for the simple reason that the amount of information found on the back just won’t fit on a single page, The shear vastness of information Gigabyte has included certainly does help tame the exuberance the rest of the box displays and helps to show the “mature side” of this packaging.

If there are any nits worth picking with this box, it is the fact Gigabyte hasn’t given the actual mouse much protection between it and the scary outside world. On the positive side, doing things this way certainly does give you a very clear (and precise) picture of the mouse and allows you to “palm” it without ever taking it from the protective embrace of its package.

As expected the list of accessories are impressive to say the least. We truly wished all companies paid such close attention to the smaller details like what accessories to include since Gigabyte seems to have truly hit the nail on the head. You get a CD with software and drivers, an owner’s manual / pamphlet, a set of weights for customization and a replacement set of feet. This last accessory is especially praise-worthy, as the low friction feet of any heavily used mouse are usually the first thing to go and the fact that you will not have to purchase a set of aftermarket replacements until you have worn out TWO sets is a definite plus in our book.

The included weights consist of three 6 gram weights and a monster 20 gram unit, allowing for eight possible weight combinations ranging from 0 (no weights added) all the way up to 38 grams of added weight. We personally like our gaming mice to be light for twitch-style games, but for precision detail work you can’t beat slow and heavy. This mouse appears to give you the best of all possible worlds.

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