G.Skill ECO PC3-12800 CL7 Memory Review

by Eldonko     |     February 9, 2010

A Closer Look at the G.Skill ECO PC3-12800 CL7 Memory

In this section we will take a closer look at the packaging for the G.Skill ECO, the memory itself and how well the spreaders contact the memory chips. The ECO comes in a plastic package, common to many types of memory.

The marketing on the front package draws attention to the spec voltage of the memory (1.35v) and G.Skill specifically notes that the memory is designed for socket 1156 Intel i5 and i7 CPUs. On the reverse of the package we see highlights for power efficiency and environmental friendliness as selling points and also mention of lower temperatures and improved stability.

The plastic packaging fits snugly around the memory and you can clearly see on the label exactly which kit you are getting. G.Skill also provides contact information on the package in case you need support; however the phone numbers will have you calling Taiwan which isnít optimal in our books. Other phone numbers for specific regions can be found on G.Skillís website.

The ECO series seems to use a rather minimalist design; no flashy giant heatspreaders here! All we have is a basic grey heatspreader with G.Skillís logo and the spreaders are about as small and compact as it gets.

The G.Skill logo and design on the heatspreaders has a metallic look with an edged texture. This finish gives the memory a modern looking silver shine and when held at the right angle, light catches the edges to provide a flashy contrast to the grey.

The label on the memory is typical of most and provides a part number, part description, timings, and spec voltage.

The heatspreaders really fit tightly to the memory chips on the G.Skill ECO PC3-12800 CL7 and we have no concerns about or heat getting trapped in gaps. Low voltage operation and tightly fitting heatspreaders give the ECO a very low operating temperature as you will see in a later section.

Since the ECO uses regular-sized heatspreaders, we see no issues with heatsink clearance and the memory should fit fine on any board you have. As you can see, there is tons of room around the memory on our test board; the EVGA P55 FTW.

We did not take the risk of damaging the memory by removing the heatspreaders to reveal the chips but we have a feeling we have a good idea of what is under the hood so to speak. More on that in the Overclocking section!

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