ASUS Xonar 7.1 D2 Review

by Robscix     |     October 6, 2007


This card is packed in a very appealing package that clearly outlines the card's strong points. There is no less than 13 different audio standards show across the front of the box. The card itself is protected in a three tiered plastic PET shell enclosure. The three plastic tiers separate and protect the large bundle of accessories and software. This card would definitely catch your eye in a PC shop and make the user take a second look.

Included Accessories

ASUS included a very large bundle of accessories, including the patch cables needed to connect the Xonar 7.1 to a home receiver using both analog and/or digital interconnects. With most consumer soundcards, these cables need to be purchased separately if you want to connect your PC to a receiver. It is nice to see a company including such extras. Included in the box are:
  • Midi Bracket and adapter cable
  • SPDIF TOSLINK Optical Adapter X 2
  • SPDIF Optical cable
  • 3.5 mm to RCA cables for 8 channel output X 4