Zalman Reveals Upcoming Lineup: Cases and Coolers

by Michael "SKYMTL" Hoenig     |     January 5, 2010

Zalman Reveals Upcoming Lineup

CNPS10X Performa, VF3000 series and Z7 PLUS

At the upcoming CES 2010 show, Zalman will be showing a number of their new products which include cases, coolers and even some new 3D products. In this article, we take a quick, pictorial look at some of the more exciting announcements they will be making over the coming days. All in all, Zalman's lineup looks strong so let's get this show on the road.

CNPS10X Performa CPU Cooler

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Following in the footsteps of the Quiet, Extreme and Flex products within their CNPS10X family, Zalman is set to release a brand new, cost conscious heatsink.

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Zalman has been long known for their innovative and unique-looking coolers so when the tower-like CNPS10X series was first released, people took notice. However, as they were priced between $40 (CNPS10X Flex) for a bare bones cooler without the fan and about $70 (CNPS10X Extreme) for the best of the best, it was obvious that Zalman was still missing out on the lucrative entry market. This is where the CNPS10X Performa cooler comes into play.

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With the Performa, Zalman is basically taking the high-performance design of the "10X" series and cutting down on non-essentials like nickel plating on the heatpipes and base along with using a slightly less dense fin array. That being said, the smaller number of fins is balanced out by a unique ridged face which should improve upon the efficiency of the included 120mm fan. It should also be noted that the Performa will come with the new backplate which was previously only found on the CNPS10X Flex along with mounting clips for a second 120mm fan.

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This really looks to be like Zalman taking steps to compete directly with the OCZ Vendetta 2, Cogage TRUE Spirit and other firmly planted products in this range.

On the next page, we have the VF3000 series of GPU coolers.

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