Noctua NH-D14 CPU Cooler Review

by AkG     |     January 4, 2010

Noctua NH-D14 CPU Cooler Review

Manufacturer’s Product Page: Click Here
Part Number: NH-D14
Tekwiki: Noctua NH-D14 - TechWiki
Warranty: 6 years
Buy from: NCIX

Well it certainly has been awhile since we took a look at a Noctua cooler. In the past we walked away impressed again and again with Noctua’s cooler offerings and have found their combination of great design with downright amazing fans to be more than award worthy. It seems that Noctua is not a company to rest on their laurels and has recently released a bigger, more technically advanced product and if reports are to be believed it comes with an even better set of fans than previous generations. We are of course talking about the brand new, gargantuan NH-D14.

It seems like every year we see statements that air cooling has reached the pinnacle of its efficiency when it comes to cooling down the hottest running CPUs on the market. However, it seems like every time we look, new innovations are being made in this market which brings new lows in CPU temperatures and more and more wildly designed coolers.

This time Noctua is going for a combination of both innovation and raw size in a bit to produce the best heatsink on the market. Even by just looking at the pictures of this beast we know we have something special on our hands. Not only are its physical dimensions staggering but it sports multiple fan mounts and a staggering number of cooling fins. There is a very good reason for this multi fan approach as this cooler sports a multi-tower design which in our opinion could be interesting even though our past experiences don’t shine a very good light upon this approach. . Heatsinks live and die by the time of fan that is attached to them which is one of the reasons we haven’t been to high on past multi-tower coolers. However it seems Noctua is also of the same opinion, as this cooler not only comes with the venerable (12cm) NF-P12-1300 fan, but also its bigger brother; the NF-P14-FLX (1200RPM).

All this potential power does come at quite an eyebrow-raising price, as this Noctua beast goes for about $90. Of course, balancing out this cost is the fact that Noctua has included two fans and their innovative new mouting system. But is this high end price for this worth it? We intend to find out.


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