Mushkin XP2 PC2-8500 Ram Review

by Wankerfx     |     September 17, 2007

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Mushkin XP2 PC2-8500 Ram Review

Price: Approx. $210
Availability: Now
Manufacturer's Part Number: 99653
Warranty: Lifetime
Colour: Black

Are you extreme? Do you want to have the ability to smash world records? Look no further; Mushkin has introduced its new swift kit of memory which is reserved for the most serious of overclockers. Mushkin is not the new kid on the block; they have been around since 1994, providing overclockers and enthusiasts with "enhanced" performance modules.

Mushkin DDR2 PC2-8500 / 1066 MHz / Enhanced timings / Enhanced frequency / FrostByte heatsink technology

Part #: 99653
Capacity: 2X1GB kit
Timings: 5-5-4-12
Voltage: 2.2V-2.35V

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