Mushkin XP2 PC2-8500 Ram Review

by Wankerfx     |     September 17, 2007

First Impressions:

Mushkin uses the typical packaging of memory modules available on the market. The plastic shell is tough to prevent any kind of undesirable damage. Mushkin makes their product quite evident when using their unique green and white colour scheme.

This kit of ram looks very bold; the modules are all black, except for the Muskin logo. This creates a marvelous visual effect, making the XP2-8500's looks match their aggressive performance. The heatspreaders on this kit of ram are simple, yet effective. A thin metal heatspreader goes on each side of the module and is held in place with two clips. The top of the modules are exposed, which enables the modules to get rid of warm air.

Enthusiasts and overclockers are demanding the absolute best performance from memory modules so they can break and keep world records. Furthermore, some average overclockers do not want ram holding back their overclock, so they are looking for the best stable performance. Mushkin knows what the market wants, so they give it to them. This set of ram uses Micron D9GMH (B6-3) with a Brainpower 6-layered PCB which is a highly desirable combination. These chips allow users to attain some high overclocks with a relatively low voltage. This is a big plus for end-users, because they can get more for their money (Hence the "Get more" on the top left-hand corner of the packaging). The consumers are getting more with this product, because they are paying a low price for high performance chips and PCB.

In addition to the aggressive visuals and the massive potential of these modules, Mushkin also backs them up with a great warranty; these modules have a lifetime warranty, and Mushkin is allowing the end-users to run their modules at a breath-taking 2.2V-2.35V! Most companies would hesitate when guaranteeing this warranty, because 2.35V is entering the "danger" zone for 24/7 usage. Mushkin is quite confident in their product at this point. They know the limits of their products, seeing as they have been in the memory game for roughly thirteen years.

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