Cooler Master Storm Sniper Black Edition Video Review

by FiXT     |     November 9, 2009

Cooler Master
Storm Sniper Black Edition

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Online: Cooler Master Website
Model Name: SGC-6000-KXN1-GP
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Warranty: 2 Years

It seems we are suffering from a bit of déjà vu here. Cooler Master is re-releasing the Storm Sniper chassis but this time as what they call a "Black Edition" which has been given some final tweaks to make it one of the most attractive case options available in its category.

Initially released early last year, the original Sniper was praised by many for its unique design, attention to detail, and surprisingly robust quality for a case retailing for under $200. The Black Edition goes even further, adopting an all-black interior to further the aggressive look and keep up with current trends.

The Sniper features three enormous 200mm fans that make this case into a miniature wind tunnel while a fan controller is included to allow users to adjust the airflow and noise to their liking. The design of the interior serves to amplify the cooling benefits and even an amateur builder can make wires virtually disappear. The original Sniper is arguably one of the best cases for cabling that we have come across and the Black Edition makes things even better.

Its unique exterior aesthetics may not be for everyone, but Cooler Master has chosen a theme and design that will definitely appeal to quite a few people. The build quality is sturdy and even with what may be considered a slight overuse of plastic, they haven't let quality slip. Nothing feels flimsy or breakable. Steel reinforced bracing is reassuring for those dragging it around to LAN parties, and installation of the components is made easy with by a unique screw-less system.

And best of all, the improvements to the case haven't caused the cost to skyrocket. It rings in at the same modest price tag as the original model.

Undoubtedly, the Cooler Master Storm Sniper Black Edition is "Dam Good".

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